About Bessamaire

Evaporative cooling

Since 1953, we’ve manufactured over 100,000 industrial/commercial evaporative cooling, make up air and air turnover systems to over 6000 customers. We offer a full line of HVEC (Heating, Ventilation and Evaporative Cooling) products, ranging from 6000 CFM FreshWater™ Evaporative Coolers to 75,000 CFM Make Up Air units.

Our goal is to provide the lowest overall cost of ownership along with the highest air purity. Bessamaire has built quality into its products for long life. This quality helps insure long term relationships with our customers.

Leadership Requires Leading

Rather than resting on past success, Bessamaire endeavors to invest in continued process improvement, high efficiency equipment and state-of-the-art controls.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality equipment and the best service.

Indoor air quality is something we take very seriously at Bessamaire.

Our patented FreshWater™ Slinger design is rapidly becoming the evaporative cooler of choice for the food processing industry because of its proven ability to reduce the risk of mold and airborne pathogens.

Come to us for robust industrial heating and cooling equipment as well as Bioguard™ Treated Air Ducts and Productivity Enhancements to help improve worker health, air quality and productivity.