Will Evaporative Cooling Increase the Humidity in my Plant?

The answer is NO, regardless of location, as long as 90% to 100% of the Supply Air is exhausted or relieved of the building. Bessamaire manufactures both Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment for precise humidity control.

Will Evaporative Cooling work in Humid Environments for Industrial Applications?

Evaporative Cooling is recognized by ASHRAE as being the most cost effective means of cooling an Industrial Facility nearly anywhere in the world. As most cities have Wet Bulb Design Temperatures of 80°F and below. The effectiveness of the Evaporative Cooling System will typically bring Outlet Temperatures within 3°F to 4°F of design wet bulb. Once you combine these temperatures with the air stream flowing across the human body, an additional 2°F to 3°F is achieved from the wind-chill effect. Typically on the hottest day of the year, when properly sized, Bessamaire Evaporative Cooling will keep plants around 78° to 80°F Temperatures regardless of the environment.

Heat Stress and Evaporative Cooling?

Study after study has proven that Evaporative Cooling is the most effective means to alleviate heat stress in an Industrial Work Environment. Bessamaire is the only manufacturer that has taken the technology and has turned it into a science. Our Engineers have teamed up with Medical Professionals to determine the most effective solution and techniques to deliver air to the employees. These techniques range from outlet temperatures and velocities, spot cooling vs zone cooling, distance of duct from employees and gender comfort levels between male and female employees.

Why is Slinger Technology better than Traditional Cooling Pads?

Bessamaire’s Slinger Technology is designed and most effective for rugged, industrial environments where little to no maintenance is required. Traditional Cooling Pads require precise water treatment and extensive maintenance to ensure the quality and integrity of the pads remain effective for the application. Bessamaire’s Slinger Technology does not require such an extensive maintenance plan. Our Motto for the Slinger is that “We can sling mud.” Where pumps and other technologies fail due to harsh conditions, we succeed.

Are you able to use Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) with Bessamaire Direct Fired Gas Heating Units?

Yes. For applications that require variable air volume, Bessamaire units are equipped with a Burner Bypass Damper that modulates based on the pressure differential across the burner profile. Adding this technology will ensure the proper burner combustion at all speeds.

How long will AZ55 Galvalume® last?

AZ55 Galvalume® Steel is recognized across the roofing industry as a premier material in metal roofing applications. That being said it has been shown that in moderate marine applications, bare un-painted AZ55 Galvalume® Steel exceeds 30 years before rust-thru. Bessamaire Warrants all 18 gauge AZ55 Galvalume® Steel used on our units for a period of 25 years against rust-thru.

Why use a Synchronous Belt vs a V-Belt?

Bessamaire has once again set the bar high by using synchronous belts as a standard when paired with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s). Studies have shown that after the first 48 hours, V-Belts begin to stretch and the efficiency of the drive train system begins to decrease. V-Belts operate at an average efficiency of 88% due to slippage as compared to 99% efficiency for Synchronous Belts which are non-slip. Synchronous Belts and Sprockets have been shown to last 3 times longer than V-Belts and Sheaves.

Can Bessamaire provide Controls that will connect to our Building Automation System (BAS)?

Bessamaire can provide various protocols to connect to your BAS. Protocols include BACnet IP/MSTP, Ethernet IP, and Modbus RTU.

Do Bessamaire Units qualify for State Safety Grants and/or LEED Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Credits?

Many clients of Bessamaire have taken advantage of their State’s BWC Safety Grant Programs which help pay for equipment since they reduce Heat Stress in the work environment thus lowering your Worker’s Compensation Insurance bills.

In addition, Bessamaire Evaporative Cooling Units use 1/4 the power consumption of traditional Air Conditioning due to the elimination of compressors and such. This factor alone usually qualifies for LEED EA Credits.