Industrial Evaporative Cooling

Make Up Air: EC Series

We Make It Better

Have you ever noticed how cool it feels near a waterfall on a hot summer day? That’s evaporative cooling: the reduction in air temperature that occurs when water evaporates. Our customers, including the majority of Fortune 500 companies, are cooled efficiently using our patented evaporation cooling process. We provide engineering solutions internationally in every industry and environment.

Highest Air Purity

When air purity matters,nothing beats our patented Freshwater® Slinger design for evaporative cooling.

EC Series Make Up Air

The EC Series Make Up Air is available as a direct, indirect, hot-water, steam, electric coil and heat recovery modules.

Available from 2500 CFM to 100,000 CFM in the following blower modules:

  • DWDI Forward Curve Centrifugal
  • DWDI Airfoil Backward Curve
  • SWSI Backward Curve Plenum

Available in vertical and horizontal configurations

EC - Evaporative Cooling
EC - Evaporative Cooling
EC - Evaporative Cooling

EC Series Features

  • Patented Non-Clogging Freshwater® Slinger Technology – distributes atomized water curtain across entire air inlets. Dries out quickly when not in use, minimizing risk of airborne pathogens, mold spores or odors
  • Portable Evaporative Cooling (PEC) Units available up to 20,000 CFM
  • 2500 – 60,000 CFM
  • 90% Efficient
  • 18 ga. Galvalume® coated steel; flanged, silicone-sealed
  • 25 year warranty on rust-through
  • Premium efficiency blower motor with 2 year warranty
  • L50 (200,000 hours) pillow-block bearings fitted with automatic grease feeders
  • Double walled, hinged, gasketed, insulated and locking door
  • Full frame 6″ G-90 Galvanized steel base
  • DWDI Forward curve centrifical blower (Backward airfoil blade or plenum fan available)
  • Automatic drain and fill valves with 7 day programmable timer
  • 304 stainless steel wheel and tank


  • Electronic controls with either PLC or DDC Logic Control with HMI
  • Pre-Programmed Variable Frequency Drives available for all units