HC - Heating and Cooling

Make Up Air: HC Series

HC – Heating and Cooling

With the Bessamaire modular design, the HC Series is our most popular product line. We can create “specials” with standard designs.

  • Whether your MUA needs are evaporative cooling, chilled water, steam, DX, direct/indirect gas fired, or electric coil. Bessamaire has the the quality products that will fit most industrial requirements.

The HC Series Make Up Air is available as a direct, indirect, hot-water, steam, electric coil and heat recovery modules.

Available from 2500 CFM to 100,000 CFM in the following blower modules:

  • DWDI Forward Curve Centrifugal
  • DWDI Airfoil Backward Curve
  • SWSI Backward Curve Plenum

Available in vertical and horizontal configurations

HC Series Features

Cooling Coil Module

  • Constructed of 18-gauge Galvalume®

  • 25-year rust-through warranty

  • Double walled with 1″ insulation

  • Wash down capable

  • Available with chilled water, direct expansion (DX), ammonia or combination ammonia/DX coils

  • Stainless steel casing, copper tubing, aluminum fins (optional: all stainless steel)

  • Insulated stainless steel drain pan

V-Bank Filter Module

  • Constructed of 18-gauge Galvalume®

  • 25-year rust-through warranty

  • 30% efficient, 95% arrestance, MERV 8 pleated filter (optional: 20% efficient MERV 4 permanent metal washable filter; 65% efficient MERV 11 pleated filter)

  • Dirty filter sensor

UV-C Lighting Module — Wash-Down

  • For sanitizing cooling coils and coil pans or the entire unit

  • Bulbs with protective sleeves

  • Access door with observation window and safety switch, so lights go off when door is opened


  • Electronic controls with either PLC or DDC Logic Control with HMI
  • Programmed Variable Frequency Drives available for all units