Bessamaire HVEC
Improve Productivity
Reduce Heat Stress

Bessamaire FreshWater Evaporative Cooling units deliver cleaned air (washed and filtered), cooled to within 4° of the Wet Bulb temperature in humid climates. At the United States Air Conditioning Design Standard, 95° Dry Bulb / 75° Wet Bulb this results in 80° F temperature or less being delivered at the blower outlet.

The Chart shown lists the Wet Bulb temperature for your area on a worst condition basis ranging from 1% through 10% of the time. At these conditions, the delivered air will be 73° F only 1% of the time. 90% of the time, the air will be cooler than 70°F.

Typical Example of Performance for Cleveland

Assumed Plant Temperature before Bessamaire Evaporative Cooling: 84⁰F outside air + 6⁰F gain from plant operations90⁰
Wet Bulb Temperature73⁰
Bessamaire Delivered Air at 5% Design Conditions77⁰
Chill Factor (effective temperature of 77⁰ air passing over a 98.6⁰ body)75⁰ or less
  • Reliable operation — Low maintenance non-clogging atomizing assembly
  • Eco-friendly Uses 50% less water than cooling pads
  • Lower maintenance costs — No cooling pads to replace; no pumps to fail
  • Better air purity — Dries quickly after use, preventing growth of airborne pathogens and mold spores