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Increase employee safety and productivity with bessamaire evaporative cooling

Since 1953, we’ve manufactured more than 100,000 industrial/commercial evaporative cooling, make up air and air turnover systems for more than 6000 customers. We offer a full line of HVEC (Heating, Ventilation and Evaporative Cooling) products, ranging from 5000 CFM FreshWater™ Evaporative Cooler to 100,000 CFM Make Up Air units.

How to cool industrial personnel?
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We Make It Better

Have you ever noticed how cool it feels near a waterfall on a hot summer day? That phenomenon is called evaporative cooling: the reduction in air temperature that occurs when water evaporates. Evaporative cooling can be found throughout nature; the body’s ability to perspire when overheated is a prime example. Evaporative cooling reduces air temperature and cools the body, room or building.

Our goal is simple

Provide the lowest overall cost of ownership with the highest air purity. We’ve built quality into our products which helps ensure not only long product life but long-term relationships with our customers.

Highest Air Purity

When it comes to air purity, nothing beats our Freshwater™ Evaporative Coolers. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations.

Bessamaire FreshWater Evaporative Cooling units deliver cleaned air (washed and filtered), cooled to within 4° of the Wet Bulb temperature in humid climates. At the United States Air Conditioning Design Standard, 95° Dry Bulb / 75° Wet Bulb this results in 80° F temperature or less being delivered at the blower outlet.

The Chart shown lists the Wet Bulb temperature for your area on a worst condition basis ranging from 1% through 10% of the time. At these conditions, the delivered air will be 73° F only 1% of the time. 90% of the time, the air will be cooler than 70°F.

Typical Example of Performance for Cleveland

Assumed Plant Temperature before Bessamaire Evaporative Cooling: 84⁰F outside air + 6⁰F gain from plant operations


Wet Bulb Temperature


Bessamaire Delivered Air at 5% Design Conditions


Chill Factor (effective temperature of 77⁰ air passing over a 98.6⁰ body)

or less

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